‘Nayi Raahein’ is an intensive forty eight hour workshops to be held in the school premises. This is our first engagement with these young people and there are further structured programmes which are aimed at helping youth understand themselves and their communities better and emerge as leaders who have the ability to understand and initiate action on matters of social justice.

‘Nayi Raahein’ now runs permanently in 10 schools in Jamshedpur with an achieved direct outreach of around 4000 youths and young adolescents. This programme is now part of the school calender in these schools.


AIMS of this Programme

  • The ability to discover and understand their strengths.
  • Personal and Social Responsibility.
  • Creative problem solving skills.
  • Positive attitudes and values.
  • Conflict handling skills.
  • A desire to engage with personal and social issues.
  • Appreciation of diversity and tolerance.