Samjho Toh Express is an initiative by Community – The Youth Collective and its forum members to explore cross border friendships and engage young people on the issues of social inclusion in order to build vibrant eco-systems across India to understand each other. The campaign has started in November 2015 and will be aiming to explore cross border friendships beyond labels and stereotypes.

In Jamshedpur the campaign is being implemented by People for Change, a city based NGO working towards enriching children and youth for personal and social development through active citizenship, in association with Motilal Nehru Public School one of the leading schools in the city.

The campaign looks at amplifying, nurturing and evaluating the 5th Space concept and the planned objectives will be promoting youth, young leaders and youth led organizations to engage on issues of social exclusion, peace and non violence. It also aims at cultivating cross border friendships through an experiential journey which will help the youth in reflecting and breaking the stereotypes that they hold for other communities, genders, castes, religions, ethnic backgrounds etc. A journey through this campaign will help in internalizing the need to understand the ‘other’. We strongly feel that a space needs to be created where young people can come together leaving behind their identities and make ‘friends beyond labels’.