The objective of the project is to motivate children from slums, bustees and streets to get enrolled in formal education spaces at the end of the program by developing in them an interest for learning and school. The School on Wheels is a fully equipped bus that visits identified location and holds classes using fun, innovative teaching methodologies to urge these children to begin their learning journey. It aims to give them their first experience of formal learning. The project attempts to take education to out of school 

children who dwell on the very fringes of society.The project basically aims to enable the learner to develop an interest for learning and formal schooling in the target group, to ensure basic learning in Language, Math’s and General science to enable them to come to school entry levels, to develop and integrate the use of four language skills i.e. reading, listening, speaking, writing and to enhance the ability to handle casual and formal situations in terms of basic grooming, hygiene and etiquettes, organizers said.