Unmanifesto is a campaign supported by UNPFA and Community. With super support from UNPFA and Community youth collectively launched a campaign that made youngsters in Jamshedpur sit up and take notice of politics and governance and through a lot of fun and learning, they drew up their dream charter. Through this campaign, the youths probably for the first time have a tool to put their demands in front of politicians and public representatives.

For the very first time, a charter of demands prepared by the students of MNPS, Jamshedpur was presented to Mr. Kunal Sarangi, the dynamic young MLA from Baharagora and the chief whip of the opposition in the Jharkhand Assembly. Also, the students of Gulmohar High School, Jamshedpur conducted workshop under the campaign. From education to jobs to reservations to caste system to transparency to accountability to youth participation, their voices came out for the issues that concern them the most.